May 4, 2016

Recommendation: Geoffrey King, Technology Program Coordinator at Committee to Protect Journalists

Kamal is a natural leader and innovator. He is also collegial, and he possesses a strong sense of mission. This combination of traits makes Kamal an especially effective colleague, whether he is working within an organization’s main office (as he did at our organization’s HQ) or with members of a distributed team (including me).

In the time we worked together, Kamal launched and completed numerous projects that will serve journalists in the real world. He spearheaded some of this work, and supported others, all based on his thoughtful assessments of what would best support our organization’s mission. Specifically, Kamal helped ensure that the website of the human rights NGO at which were colleagues was HTTPS-by-default, and otherwise hardened our infrastructure. This not only helped protect our own organization, as well as the at-risk journalists we serve; it also helped solidify our moral authority and technical expertise when we began calling on other organizations to do the same. Kamal’s social media acumen is such that he taught all of us a thing or two — even the millennials. Kamal also helped streamline our organization’s communications infrastructure to better support the distributed expertise on which we rely. And he published informative, original journalism on issues pertaining to journalist security.

I recommend Kamal highly and without reservation. He would be a fantastic asset to any organization, and a thoughtful ally within it.

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May 4, 2016


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