Digital Strategy

We have 15 years of experience in digital. Founder Kamal Singh Masuta has both managed digital initiatives as staff at international organizations and been a digital consultant working with many of the same organizations. This puts us in a favorable position to do a full review of a company’s digital footprint and work with management to form a strong digital strategy.


We offer a wide range of digital consulting services, including website designs/redesigns, digital strategy development, social media management, technology security and print design.

Customer Relationship Management / Mass Email

Every company needs to manage contacts; some need to send them mass emails too. We’ll review your existing setup and, if appropriate, make recommendations for improvement. If you’re not already using a modern Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool like Salesforce, we’ll help you with setup and migration. If you’re already using a CRM, we can likely customize it to make it a more effective tool. We’re also great with training staff.

Technology Security

Any piece of technology connected to the internet can be a target of hackers. We can offer assistance in hardening your infrastructure and locking down your internet services.

  • Two-factor Authentication
  • HTTPS Implementation
  • CloudFlare DDoS protection

Social Media Management

We can help you develop an effective social media strategy that lets you reach customers/readers where they are.

Website Design

Whether you need to design a new website or redesign an existing website, we’ve got you covered.

Print Design

We provide graphic design services for just about any printed product, including:

  • Annual reports
  • Banners
  • Business Cards
  • Infographics
  • Letterhead
  • Magazine covers + interior layouts
  • Posters