Committee to Protect Journalists website redesign


Web Design


May 12, 2014


CPJ’s website hadn’t been redesigned in 5 years, which is just this side of forever in technology timeframes. It was old enough so that the website couldn’t be viewed well on mobile devices, the navigation was out of control (50+ top-level links) and content wasn’t easily shareable. In general, the site no longer performed the functions expected of it.


Kamal Singh Masuta managed the redesign initiative from start to finish. This started with stakeholder interviews, both on the staff/board as well as a sampling of our audience (e.g. Journalists). With that knowledge in hand, he worked with the Editorial Director to create an RFP which specified the high-level goals of the redesign. Kamal managed the vendor selection and vetting process, soliciting opinions from relevant staff. After a vendor was selected, he managed the project up to the launch.


The redesigned website launched in May 2015: www.cpj.org