Committee to Protect Journalists Salesforce migration


Customer relationship management


September 15, 2011


The Committee to Protect Journalists was using Microsoft Outlook both as a contact database shared by staff and to send mass email blasts. Considering that there were nearly 20,000 contacts in that database, this made things very unwieldy. For example, staff couldn’t search for a contact across the organization; they had to remember which public folder the contact was in. Further complicating things was the fact that some staff relied on excel files to store contacts.

On the email communication side of things, mass emailing was accomplished by selecting a range of contacts, copying and pasting into the bcc field in a new Outlook message. That’s an excellent way to get the organization’s IP address blacklisted. There was also no data on which contacts received the emails.


Kamal Singh Masuta researched the staff’s needs and considered various digital solutions. He recommended using Salesforce as the contact database and Exact Target as the email blasting service. After getting the buy-in from management, he put together a project plan, which included data cleanup, setup and customization of the Salesforce instance, creating new email blast templates and migration of data. Kamal managed the entire process, which required a vendor specializing in Salesforce implementations and several freelancers to assist with data cleanup. At the end, he trained the staff on the use of the new services.